A Marcè Marcè we want to know who we are, how we work and what our final product. For this reason, for nearly four years more than open the doors of our farm.
We offer a wide range of activities to do with family, schools, friends, entire groups, older people ...

Our visits we do every day (except Sunday afternoon), with at least 24hours 

What are they?
Always preceded by the workshop visit the milking parlor, the corral (where we took a little lamb four weeks of life), the fields where sheep graze and back in a circuit where we can see a small pond and Here our solar system and a sewage treatment plant we have.

Then we get a taste of five cheeses, cottage cheese, yogurt, wine Emporda, water and a slice of bread with oil Mas Marcè

Then you can choose between different workshops:

Wool Workshop: teach carded and spun wool and then you can choose to make a ball of soap or a drawing of a sheep which must be decorated with wool

Workshop curd: teach you how to build a cottage (with sheep's milk, rennet Grass cabbage ...) and then each of everybody, and prepare a home is the emportarà

Wine Pairing: we taste the cheese paired with a total of six wines of the Denomination of Origin Empordà

NEW !! Route two farms: For nature lovers, from the month of June, we will walk through the two farms. We will see the process of preparing Mas Marcè but end up making the taste of cheese next to Dairy Farm Peralada under our olive trees.

NEW !! Come feed an orphaned lamb: Some of our sheep and lamb born soon after (during feeding) are left orphans. The pastor and his assistants, give daily bottle of milk of sheep milking so they can grow like the rest. 

There are other options for us to adapt to the needs of our customers. For further information, contact us:

674076691 - 972 53 80 03